I’m still not 100% sure why I wasn’t able to post, but holy crap, was I ever mad about it. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling IE… which didn’t work. So I downloaded IE 7.0… which is kind of cool. And my stupid blog stupid works. Finally.
And now I don’t feel like writing a story about Cambodia. Aurgh! I will though. It was a really good trip. I had fun and got to see some things that I believe will make me think about my own life in a different (and hopefully better) way.  And just so no one else feels it necissary to ask: yes, both Woody and I made it back alive (sorry Aaron…) and we are, in fact, still speaking to each other. I think it is easy for two people to travel together when both parties make, "Sure, whatever. I’m down with that." their mantra. Besides, even if Mr. James pissed me right off (which he didn’t), I would still have to forgive him as he did the two greatest things while we were in Cambodia: conquered the cockroach (I wasn’t scared, I just didn’t think it liked me very much) and he paid the happy milkshake guys (I was unable to interact with others at the time). I owe ya one, buddy.
Being back at work is okay too. I still enjoy my kinders and we will have new PK classes soon. I lost one of my kinder kids (Jonathan) but the new one (Alice, pics to come) is really smart and a nice kid. As an aside, for how much I hate the little fuckers… I was so upset when Jonathan left I couldn’t even say goodbye to his mom because I was choking up. Sheesh… I must be getting soft (in the heart, not the head) as I age. But much as I despise the monsters and the frustration of our workplace, I just signed on for another year today. Yikes! Part of me thinks that I must be crazy, but I also think I have a lot left to do while I’m in this part of the world and it is going to take another year to do it.
Hopefully now that I can post again I will be postin’ on a regular basis. But you never know. I did get my Cambodia pictures up in a timely manner… all 400 of them. I’m pretty proud of that, actually. Soon I will post pictures of my new apartment… even though it still feels a little like Joe and Orla’s apartment. Speaking of Joe and Orla… holy shit I miss those guys. I’m in Korea and Korea doesn’t feel like Korea without them. And I’m sad that I never got to see a ballgame with Joe (or drink that bottle of whiskey). I’m going to have to move to Ireland just so I can buy them some beers… especially Joe – who moved shit into my new apartment (read: their old apartment) after I left for Cambodia. Joe… you are good people. Orla… I hope you do get Skype so I can chat with you!!
Happy to be able to post again… thought I was going to have to take my blog elsewhere. Oh, and Carebear… don’t worry about those screenshots. I wasn’t crazy… my Space was actually effed up. Cheers though. Hope your new bathmat is fabulous.

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