Don't Say as I Say

There is a long back-story to this one, but I’m going to leave it out of this entry. Because I have only a few minutes before I change out of my one uniform into the other and want to get this done.
~Side Note on My Uniforms~
Teukgong Moosool is a black uniform with a white belt. Tae Kwon Do is a white uniform with a black belt. Each night I feel like my own version of Spy vs. Spy.
~Side Note on this Side Note~
I think most people inevitably side with either the white spy or the black spy, and hope that one of them will be victorious more often than the other. Which was your spy? And now I have to do some internet research to find out if one actually DID win over the other more often. (I’m a nerd).
~End Side Notes~
My 4:00 debate class on Thursdays is mostly full of really smart kids. One of those kids is Sarah, who is also very well-behaved and a good kid. Well, today (for reasons now lost to antiquity) Woody, Amelia, and I told my class to tell Aaron-Teacher that he was a loser (that’s right, Aaron… if you are reading this. A LOSER.) Well, Sarah threw that right back in Woody’s face and called HIM a loser. HA HA HA! It was a highlight of my afternoon. They never learn the vocabulary they are suppose to learn, but right away Sarah picked up the correct usage of the slang term "loser" (i.e.: that Woody is a loser).
Along the same lines, one of our Korean teachers told a funny story. Luke (who finally came out for beers with us), was teaching English somewhere in Seoul to younger kids. On his birthday (Luke’s, not the kid’s), he jokingly asked the class, "Where’s my cake?"  One of the little bastards actually answered, "Up your ass."
Who’s teaching them these things?!?
PS: My spy was the black spy. Of course.

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  1. Are you home yet?  Come home, I miss you

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