Positively Pissy

Holy crap, am I in a bad mood. ~I~ don’t even want to be near me, I’m that freaking cranky. It is a good thing that I am at home alone, because if one person said the wrong thing to me (or even looked at me wrong right now), I’m sure I would either try to maim them or burst into tears. Or both. So it is a good thing that no one is around me to piss me off.
But at the same time… at the same time I could use a hug. A hug might make this feeling subside a little. Sigh. A moms-hug would be pretty good. But I could make due with any hug at this moment.
A hug would hopefully negate the feeling I have right now to mangle something small and helpless and fuzzy. Like twisting the head off a bunny. If there was a bunny here right now, I would do that. In a blind rage. And then I would cry and try to hug the bunny carcass because I would feel so bad about ripping off its wee head.
Why am I in such a black mood? Am I just tired? Did something happen to me today?  Is the medication wearing off? Is this the true, evil nature of my personality rearing its ugly head?
Or is it just time for my fucking vacation to start already?

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