Damned Weather

I’m doing my best to enter in this thing regularly again, but I don’t want to just post crap. But really, I don’t have much else going. The rain is really doing a number on my motivation.
I’m also really stinking busy right now. I get up at 7:00am, go running, get home to do laundry and clean up (and anything else I need to get done) before going to work. Most days I work from 10 until 7. Bust it home, get changed, go to Teukgong Moosool. Bust it home, get changed, go to Taekwondo. Bust home (sort of, by this time my ability to "bust it" anywhere is a little sore and slow), get changed, do laundry (sigh, I hate laundry), have a shower, and take my damned sleeping pills with a glass of wine and lament that I didn’t spend the whole damned evening in bed watching shitty Korean TV and eating chips and salsa instead of jumping around like an idiot kicking at nothing.
Or maybe I’m just cranky because my body hurts today. Maybe from spending an entire Teukgong class learning how to fall flat on my face, back and each side. Some days (read: today), I feel much too old for this shit.
Bah! See… feeling down and I blame the rain. I just have to remember that it is now less than a week until I’m on that plane to Cambodia. One more Monday and I’m free for a whole week…

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