How Do I Love Thee?

Please note that I have made some changes to the "I can’t find it in Korea" list. I now know where to get cinnamon gum and rootbeer (but not Skor bars, sadly). Most important change to the list… check this out:
My Gameboy Games (STUART!)
Stuart, have I told you lately about my undying love for you? Seriously, if you ever want Canadian citizenship, let me know. Because as soon as I saw the package from you this morning, I knew what was in it. And I would definitely marry a boy just to keep him in Canada if he is willing to mail me Gameboy games.
~Side Note to the Internet at Large Who May or May Not Be Reading My Blog~
You also have to possess all three parts of the triforce or two parts of the triforce AND part of the triforce-base in order to be considered eligible for a marriage of convenience with me.
~End Side Note~
 HOORAY GAME BOY GAMES!! HOORAY TETRIS!!! Now I will have something to do on my breaks other than mark spelling tests. And the other thing you sent me – I hope it was food. Because I ate some of it. And if it ISN’T food… well… it tastes pretty good, whatever it is.
Thanks again, Stu. I miss you lots, and still can’t believe they let you anywhere near a nuclear anything. I mean, I realize that you were a KEYHOLDER guy at Roots… but still…

2 responses to “How Do I Love Thee?

  1. Where do you get your root beer?  Did you ever drink that extra-special can I gave you at the end of Nightmare on Geomundo?
    And cinnamon gum? 
    You\’ve been holding out on me, I notice I wasn\’t invited to celebrate Dominion Day at the Rocky Mountain, I do quite a rendition of Oh Canada…wait, I was celebrating Dictatorship Day in North Korea….

  2. Yes, I drank the special rootbeer. Cinnamon gum can be had at "Clover" (the store across the street from my school). And rootbeer you can buy in Itaewon. Although the stuff you buy in Itaewon is no where as good as a gift-can of Rootbeer you may happen to get on a trip to Geomundo.
    And you could have proudly sang our anthem in NK. People around the world happen to love that particular little ditty.

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