I’m the worst blogger EVER. I suppose I’m really busy lately, but not with anything that seems worth typing about. But then again, I’ve read over my blog before and none of what I type about seems worth typing about. Stories only a moms could love.
I had this one class that was constantly bringing bugs to school in cups and stuff. It was gross. These weren’t pets, these were bugs they found between getting off the bus and walking in the building. And the cups the bugs were being kept in were not secure. The bugs could escape and roam freely at any moment. So I finally snapped and told all my classes that my room was a bug-free zone. And that I would squish and flush any bugs they brought to class. And then for Kindergarten science on Thursday they gave each class a pair of snails. Ew. I just can’t win. Worse, I have to try and keep the damned things alive for a month. So, I won’t leave them in the classroom for the evil PK classes to destroy. Which means that the slimey buggers sit on my desk for the majority of the day. Ew.
The nice thing was we wasted a bunch of class time trying to name them. This is a clear example of why I love the kids I teach sometimes. I suggested to them that because they were a pair, we should name them something that goes together, "…like Batman and Robin", I suggested, and wrote that on the board. I also gave them "Autobots and Decepticons" (which I had to explain to them… sheesh!… what’s wrong with today’s Korean youth?). Then Jonathon puts up his hand and says, "Teacher, what about Clean and Shaven?"
This was unprompted by me – they had been taught "clean-shaven" months ago when we were learning vocabulary to describe people. I agreed to his suggestion and put it on the board. Then we took a class vote to choose the names for our snails.
"Clean and Shaven" won by a landslide – eight to one. This is why I love the kinders sometimes. We now have a couple of gross-ass slimey pet snails named "Clean" and "Shaven".
I’ve never really done any sports before. Sure, sure, I flirted with softball as a child and slow-pitch in my early twenties… I was actually really good at lacrosse and field hockey in junior high PE class. But that was about it. Oh, oh wait, one summer I did pick up running for a couple of months. But in all the many, many years I have been alive… that’s not a lot of activity. I was a bookworm. I like computers. For the longest time I didn’t think I was even capable of producing sweat. And now… and now Korea has corrupted the very nature of my being and I never sit still. Guess what I did this morning…. go on… it’s ridiculous.
Stair running.
Yup. Woke up at SEVEN A.M. and RAN STAIRS. I feel like something else has taken over my control system. First of all – seven a.m. Seven. Really… seven. Aurgh! I HATE seven in the morning. It’s obscene. Unless I’m still up partying. And now I am waking up at seven to go run up stairs? That’s crazy-talk! But it is what my Tae Kwon Do Master suggests I do to get better at TKD.
Have I mentioned that I should have my second-degree black belt before I leave the country? Also crazy.
I have also joined another martial art – because one just isn’t enought these days.  It is called "Tuekgong Moosool". One of Woody’s kids tipped him off about it and he told Aaron and I. It is really cool, but the class is really full (and full of little kids, at that). Here’s a description of Tuekgong Moosool:
Tuekgong Moosul includes Hapkido (employs joint manipulations, locks, pressure points, throws, kicks, and strikes primarily for self-defense), Kumdo (Korean sword fighting), Kyeoktooki (Korean kickboxing – including punching, kicking, locking, throwing, and choking), Taekwondo ("the way of the foot and the fist" – a combination of combat technique, self-defence, sport, exercise, entertainment, and philosophy) , and Guard Martial Art (as trained by Korean bodyguards). Overall, Tuekgong Moosul is the self-defence system of the South Korean Special Forces. The martial artist practicing Tuekgong Moosul is trained in four areas, based upon the distance theory. The four areas include Throwing (leverage techniques), Punching (hand techniques), Kicking (foot techniques), and Weapons (extended body techniques).
The class is a lot of fun, but a lot of hard freaking work too. The first day we had to do tumbling (including cart-freaking-wheels) and running-jump-kicks off a wall. I think this may finally break me. But it is why I’m doing the running… while we were doing cartwheels the kids were doing standing back handsprings. And I don’t think I’m in good enough shape for that yet. In fact, I worry about breaking multiple bones in my body. And even with that worry… I would still give it a try. Because in the end, I would be able to do a standing back handspring and then kick someone’s ass. Cool!
So, somehow I went from being a book-reading computer-nerd (which I still am… in fact, yesterday I recognized a computer program that I couldn’t see based solely on a sound it made – I’m ~such~ a nerd!) to a ninja. It’s bad enough that I’m cutting back on the beers and pizza so I can be better at TKD and Moosul. I fear it is a sign that the apocolypse is coming…
Cambodia in two weeks. YOWZA!
New pictures are up on Flickr.

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