Still Alive

Holy crap, have I ever been slacking on the ole blog-writing. I’m trying to think up a good reason for it, and I really can’t. Everyone already knows I’m lazy, so I probably shouldn’t bother to drag that out again… I have been pretty damned sick this last week (yup, again) but I’m sure no one is interested in my whining (if you are, I can email you details about that)… I have been busy with… with… I dunno. But I’m sure I have been busy. Oh! And I did start to write an entry the other day but the power went out and took my modem with it. Lost the entry; didn’t want to re-type it. So, here are some quick updates so if anyone is actually still bothering to read this, you’ll know that I’m still (generally) doing alright. If nothing else, I’m definitely still alive.
~Side Note on the Following List~
This ain’t going to be chronologically by any means. I’m just going to type ’em as I remember ’em.
~End Side Note~
1. I went to City Hall again to watch Korea play (and lose to) the Swiss.  It was pretty crazy again, although I was a lot more tired for this game than I was the first game against Togo. Probably because the game started at 4:00am. Yikes! It was cool to watch the sun come up though.
2. Still pretty stoked about going to Cambodia in a couple of weeks. Still don’t have a hotel or a plan. It’ll work out, right?
3. Getting ready to move, again. When Joe and Orla leave at the end of July (*sob*) I will get to move into their place (hooray!). It is really cool that I will get to do this, as it is supposed to be an apartment for two people. There are actually three seperate rooms (not including the bathroom) and a big double bed. Hooray!
4. Might be starting a new martial art with Aaron and Woody. I’ll let you know more if it actually happens. I’m still going to do Tae Kwon Do though – our Master says that Brooke and I could probably get our second dan (or second degree) before we leave Korea next summer.
5. Saw X-Men 3. Liked it.
6. It has been raining here off and on like a dirty whore. Korea gets really serious about the rain. It doesn’t screw around with that light misty rain that Vancouver gets. When it rains here, it RAINS. Hard. As in, there’s really no point in having an umbrella, ’cause you are going to get wet anyway.
7. I am supposed to be doing Evaluations right now. Guess why I’m blogging…
8. I have one kinder on vacation for a month. That means only nine kids right now for the morning. Glorious!
9. Went rollerblading today and it was amazing. I found a trail that is smooth and flat and not congested with people. There’s grass and trees and everything. I saw cartoon ducks – you know, the white ducks with orange feet and bills. And a stork. I’ve got blisters on my feet and my ass muscles are pretty sore, but I will definitely do that again. It was nice to go and play outside for a change.
10. Happy Canada Day! Woody, Aaron, Kelly and I went out to Itaewon. We got out there in time for lunch and were home before 1:00am. It was great. The Rocky Mountain Tavern had a BBQ and all you can drink beers for 3 hours. We drank all we could. And then we drank more. The national anthem was sung at least four times (once in French). It was good times.
Well, that’s news from me for now. There hasn’t been too much going on. I do have more pictures to post on Flickr, and I’ll get on that soon.

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