Canadians in Korea vs. Tuesday Night

::Take That, France!::
The entire world thought that Korea would lose to France in the World Cup. They tied. Take that! I expect next weekend to be utter mayham because of that. I hope you are all cheering for Korea to beat the Swiss on (our) Friday night. DAE HAN MIN GUK!
::Field Trip::
Today we took a field trip up the mountain. It is the second time I have done this, so I thought there would be no surprises. I was wrong. First, the bus I was on was playing Christmas carols. How much more wrong could the day get, you ask? As we were hiking down the mountain, I noticed that one of the kids that Judy-Teacher was leading down the mountain was wearing high-healed "princess shoes". With HEALS. I bet she was seven. Awesome. I heart fieldtrips.
::Let’s Go Oilers::
Tonight a few of the teachers headed into Itaewon to watch game seven of the Stanley Cup, even though the results were already posted and done with. We ignored all that, and threatened those who may have known so they wouldn’t tell us. We all pretended that the game had not been decided yet (and none of us knew the results) so we cheered our hearts out for the Oilers. Shame that they lost. But I will tell you this: I got chills listening to the crowd in Korea singing our national anthem. And I was amazed at how unified every Canadian in Korea was that Edmonton should beat Carolina. It was truly moving.

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