Yesterday in Science my kindergarten class made anemometers. We didn’t get a lot of time to play with them, so the kids left them in the classroom. I made a sign that said "Do NOT touch. -10 stickers!" so the big kids would not play with them (I still had to take 10 stickers away from one of the wee bastards).  Well, the next day, many of the anemometers had fallen over. So Ryan2 comes busting in the teacher’s room and indignantly asks, "Teacher, who was touching our anemometers??"  Yes! He is 6 years old. And Korean. And he asked me about his anemometer. They are like little sponges. *I* didn’t know that that-weather-wind-dealy-with-cups was an anemomenter until I was… okay. Okay, I found out yesterday that its really-real name is "anemometer" and not "that-weather-wind-dealy-with-cups". Did you know what to call it before now??

3 responses to “Anemometer

  1. hello….

  2. hi I am ilaria from Italy, I pass of here by chance, and I have thought about leaving a signature.  a kiss

  3. A friend from china!! althrough you don\’t konw my  language,but i can understand what you say…make a friend ,all right!!
    wish u happy every day!!!

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