Social Studies for Monkies

Today in my 5:30 class we were discussing shelters and the different kinds of homes people live in. One of the questions at the end of the chapter was "How are shelters today the same as shelters in the past?" Lynn answered, "Because in the past shelters were to protect people and they are today too." Smart little monkey, she is. Well, I wanted to discuss the question further, and get the children to understand that people also build their homes out of whichever materials are most abundant in their environment. So I asked what most homes in Korea are made of, and the children answered "bricks". Good job! Then I asked what they thought most homes in Canada were constructed of. To my horror, here were the first three answers:
1. straw
2. ice
3. air con
Two of them are retarded and one was not listening. I trust you can suss it out for yourself…

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