On the List of "Things I Hate"

I hate it when you know that you are going out, and you have nothing better to do so you start to get ready. And then there you are… all ready… and it is still an hour before departure. L.A.M.E. And it happens to me often, because I hate to be late. So, I’m in the process of drinking a bottle of wine to help the time go faster. And it IS making the time go faster.
And I’m just thinking about this: it seems like it has been a LONG time since I’ve spoken with anyone from home, including my moms. And that’s bad news bears. So I have an Evil Master Plan (it isn’t ACTUALLY Evil, but seeing as how I AM an Evil Genius, all my plans technically have to be capital E "Evil" at heart). Now,  I don’t always answer my phone (because when it rings, I think I’m doing laundry… long story), but if YOU want to call ME (and you don’t have Skype), my "hand phone" number in Korea is 010-7217-9570. You can’t leave a message, but I might answer it. And it will only cost you $800 a minute. Or something like that. I suppose that is where the Evilness will come in… ~you~ pay for the call, and ~I~ feel the love. Just be happy I’m not calling any of you guys right now… it is 5:00 am in BC. And I miss you guys in BC right now. And that ain’t just the nearly-killed bottle of red talking. Loves.

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