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Could NOT Make this Stuff Up…

The other day Esther was wearing a black-mesh shirt that said "The Sensitivity Prince Pimple" over her pink button-down blouse.


Not a lot to say about the weekend, except this:
I have my red belt in Tae Kwon Do. Rock!

Social Studies for Monkies

Today in my 5:30 class we were discussing shelters and the different kinds of homes people live in. One of the questions at the end of the chapter was "How are shelters today the same as shelters in the past?" Lynn answered, "Because in the past shelters were to protect people and they are today too." Smart little monkey, she is. Well, I wanted to discuss the question further, and get the children to understand that people also build their homes out of whichever materials are most abundant in their environment. So I asked what most homes in Korea are made of, and the children answered "bricks". Good job! Then I asked what they thought most homes in Canada were constructed of. To my horror, here were the first three answers:
1. straw
2. ice
3. air con
Two of them are retarded and one was not listening. I trust you can suss it out for yourself…

On the List of "Things I Hate"

I hate it when you know that you are going out, and you have nothing better to do so you start to get ready. And then there you are… all ready… and it is still an hour before departure. L.A.M.E. And it happens to me often, because I hate to be late. So, I’m in the process of drinking a bottle of wine to help the time go faster. And it IS making the time go faster.
And I’m just thinking about this: it seems like it has been a LONG time since I’ve spoken with anyone from home, including my moms. And that’s bad news bears. So I have an Evil Master Plan (it isn’t ACTUALLY Evil, but seeing as how I AM an Evil Genius, all my plans technically have to be capital E "Evil" at heart). Now,  I don’t always answer my phone (because when it rings, I think I’m doing laundry… long story), but if YOU want to call ME (and you don’t have Skype), my "hand phone" number in Korea is 010-7217-9570. You can’t leave a message, but I might answer it. And it will only cost you $800 a minute. Or something like that. I suppose that is where the Evilness will come in… ~you~ pay for the call, and ~I~ feel the love. Just be happy I’m not calling any of you guys right now… it is 5:00 am in BC. And I miss you guys in BC right now. And that ain’t just the nearly-killed bottle of red talking. Loves.

Poetic Brew

This is what it says on my can of "Ceylon Tea":
Ceylon Tea.
Now dream of Tea is distilled each pure drop
a tear of joy
A vision of paradise for men
lost in their dreams
Sailing the Indian Ocean towards new horizons
Ceylon Tea.
Once again, I couldn’t make that kind of shit up if you paid me to do it (unless you paid me really, really well). It’s spanktacular.

Ice Cream for Everyone!

Today after work instead of going to the gym (as I should have done) I went out for kalbi with Frances. It was fun, because I haven’t hung out with Franny-pants in a long time. We tried a new place that was rumoured to have both free coffee AND soft-serve ice cream. The kalbi was really tasty, and at the end of our meal we finally asked about the ice cream. Well, we were the only customers in the joint, so they had to start up the machine to give us our cones. This is the craziest part – we are sitting there eating our ice cream and notice that the entire staff is now also eating ice cream! All the serving staff and the cooks! Ice cream for everyone!
PS: We never did see any coffee. Aaron… I wish you weren’t a liar.

Guess What I Got?

I’ve got a bruise the size and shape of SE Asia. ON MY FOOT. Ouchies!!

For my brother…

Hope you have a good one!

For my moms…

Happy Mother’s Day!!
Moms, you kick serious ass. Thanks for everything you do.
All my love and one hundred hugs home.

Happy Teacher's Day

Finally!! A day for ME! (Other than my birthday. Okay, okay… finally ANOTHER day for me…) The kids (and their mommies) were so generous again today. All the teachers were very spoiled. I won’t go into what the gifts were (I may need to re-gift some of them – ha ha) but I would like to share what the little monsters wrote in the cards. Some days, folks… some days I almost like the little bastards.
"Dear Jodi teacher! This is a little token of appreciation for taking care of Esther. I invested a quite of bit of time effort for this beads set. ^_^ I hope you like it. Thank you very much. <from Esther mom>" (Kindergarten mommy who MADE my gift.)
"Happy teacher’s day. I love Jodi teacher. John" (Kindergarten)
"to Jodi teacher. I love you! I hope you like it. From Jenny Y" (Kindergarten)
"Jodi Teacher I love you. Love Rena" (Kindergarten)
"To Jodi T.=  Theacher I’m Daniel. I’m happy because I’m in your class. Thank you for your teaching. You are a good teacher. I will remember you. From = Daniel" (4:00 class)
"Hello Jodi teacher. Do you know what day is today? It’s teacher’s day. Did you know on teacher’s day? Oh! I know on teacher’s day I thank to my teacher’s because teacher’s teach me many times." (2:30 class)
"To Jodi teacher. Thank you for your excellent teaching. Thank you very much. Have nice day! from William" (4:00 class)
"Hi! Jodi.  Today is teacher’s day. I prepared small present. I saw you often put your hairpin. I really hope to you like it. I always think you are the best teacher. Jason really love you. me too. Have a happy day! Have a exciting day! from Jason’s mom" (Kindergarten mommy)
Some of them choke me up a little (like from Jason’s mommy!) and some of them just make me laugh… these little bastards aren’t learning anything (like "theacher" from Daniel… nice work, dillhole). The kids were really excited to give their gifts, and it reallly was nice of the parents.
Orla, Brooke, "The Black Belt Guy", and I (although it was Orla’s idea) gave our Master a bottle of whiskey for Teacher’s Day. We figured he probably could handle knocking back a few after dealing with us every night.