>Warning: Complaint post ahead


So, instead of going out with everyone at work for our Christmas party, I am at home in bed watching movies and nursing a 40 degree fever (that’s 104 degrees to you, moms). This blows. I don’t even feel THAT bad… just achy, cranky, and the blankets are hurting me. And my head hurts. And my throat. And my tummy. 😦

Add insult to injury that I worked all day feeling like crap so I wouldn’t feel guilty about going to the Christmas Party, and now I feel even crappier so I’m not going to the damned Christmas party.


Original Comments:

Erin wrote (on 17/12/05):
Poor Jodi pants!
Fevers suck and I sent all of November catching various flus and colds so I can comiserate!
We miss you and wil have net again on the 28th YAY getting angry does work sometimes.

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