I should check the weather report before I start laughin’


Well, so all of you back home can have a chuckle, it snowed here last night! It was very beautiful and a little surreal. I wasn’t expecting snow, so I was busy laughing at the Vancouverites (can’t believe you guys got snow either) and that night… snow. There was even some on the ground today. Crazy! This means I won’t take a bus anywhere until it is gone. Those crazy fuckers drive the buses at 140km on the freeway. I have no desire (today) to be a statistic.

Had a great weekend. On Friday a bunch of us went over to Orla and Joe’s place for some poker – Texas Hold ‘Em style. It was grand… I didn’t actually win, but I stayed in a few of the games right until the end which is better than I thought I would do. I was expecting to do so badly that I brought my Gameboy with me so I wouldn’t get bored. It was also fun because we played with Korean money… the buy-in was 3000 and we played with 100 coins. 3000 won is $3, just so you know. But it was still fun to say “I see your five hundred and raise you a grand.” Don’t think I’ll be saying that in Vegas anytime soon!

On Saturday I was back at Orla and Joe’s for dinner. They seemed to think that they “owed me one” for buying them beans (long story). If there is ever a “Best Host” contest, I’m voting for Orla and Joe. They always have food and booze and are willing to have us all over at their place all the time. Hooray! And dinner was very tasty. Much better than the rice and seaweed I was planning on having. While I was there we noticed the snow. It was pretty cool to walk home in it.

Today was super quiet, got my Xmas packages together and cleaned up the joint. Can’t believe how messy such a tiny place can be! I was glad to have a down-time day, I feel more ready to take on the monkeys tomorrow. Only a few more weeks until Thailand!

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