>Financial destruction


This weekend was a bit destructive to my financial situation, but it was fun and worthwhile.


Went out on Friday with the girls – Frances, Laura and Andy. We went to the Wa Bar, which is where one can always find foreigners on a Friday. Now, this doesn’t make the Wa Bar the best or funnest place to go, but one can always hope to make some new friends there. We didn’t. But I did have some tear-inducing laughs. We were talking about how much different Frances, Andy and I look now compared to how we did when we first got to Korea. Frances and I both cut off all our hair and had eye surgery. Andy has had eye surgery, a hair cut, and lost a bunch of weight. So Frances and I had out our alien cards and looking at the pictures. Frances says that Andy should get hers out because the difference is so amazing. While Andy is looking for it, (she didn’t have it) Frances says, “Who was it who said that you look like a farmer in that picture?”. I start laughing. That’s funny. Funnier, Andy answers “YOU did, asshole”. HA HA HA!!! It went on for a while, and was much funniness. I was just starting to calm down when Laura innocently asks, “Well, you ARE from Saskatchewan, aren’t you?”. The best part – she wasn’t trying to be funny. But oh, it was funny.

We were out until 4am. I’m serious… if they won’t close the bar apparently I don’t know when to leave. Because I had to be up at 8am. Lame.


So, I get up at 8am with minor grumpiness and head out to catch a bus into Seoul with Amelia. We were going to the Coex Mall for hair cuts. It was all good. We shopped around there for a bit, and I picked up a couple of Christmas presents for the fam. I love the funny weird stuff that they have here. After that, we headed to the TechnoMart.


I should not be allowed anywhere near a building with eight stories of nothing but gizmos and gadgets and SWEET ELECTRONIC GOODNESS.


I needed to go to the TechnoMart to pick up a cell phone in English. You see, the school was kind enough to provide us with cell phones (“hand phones”, as they are known here), but they weren’t FUCKING SMART ENOUGH to get their ENGLISH teachers ENGLISH phones.

Sorry ’bout that.

My old phone (old as in “13 years old”) was all Korean, so I had no idea how it worked. BECAUSE I DON’T READ KOREAN. Also, the battery would die if it was in my bag for 4 hours while I was in the city. Even if I wasn’t using it. It was stupid. But I found a new phone which is all English-y goodness. I also bought a webcam, so my moms can have some proof in real-time that her daughter is alive. I also bought 5 DVDs for $20, including the newest (“newest” as in “still in theatres”) Harry Potter and Corpse Bride. They might be pirated copies… I’m not sure (HA HA HA). It was a fun day shopping with Amelia and her friend Chelsea. Amelia and I ended up buying the same shirt, and we located a New York Fries and ate poutine. HOORAY!


Went into Seoul again, this time with Aaron to Insadong (that couldn’t possibly be spelled more incorrectly, I believe) to do some Christmas shopping. This shopping was all about prezzies for moms & Harv, but I still managed to buy myself a couple of things. It’s a God-given talent, my friends. Mostly, I bought phone-bling. Sorry Mike, I have those charms on my phone. I know I promised to never do it, but it is SO funny I couldn’t help it. I have a little leather monkey (of course), and Hello Kitty wearing traditional Korean garb. That’s funny because Hello Kitty is Japanese, and the Koreans aren’t fond of the Japanese (they hate them with the white-hot intensity of a thousand imploding suns). So I like that they took the ultimate Japanese symbol and dressed it up like a Korean. Sweet.

Once I got home, I just cleaned the place up. It was so messy in this tiny dump that I still need to wash floors and make the bed (oops, and wash the bedding) and finish laundry and dust. LAME! I was busy doing other stuff, like hanging up the rest of my Christmas lights (priorities, people… priorities). I don’t know if I have mentioned this – but I like my place. It isn’t much, but it is pretty danged cozy. Mmmm… coziness.

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