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You should have known by the last entry that I wasn’t quite done my bitching. And, lo… I am not. Please enjoy my latest installment of “bitching about work”. I call this piece:

Art Frustration

Every Wednesday afternoon from 1:30 until 2:05 (I have to get the monkeys ready to go home at 2:05 even though the bell goes at 2:20. It takes 15 minutes because I have to help 10 monkeys put on coats. Idiots). Every Wednesday. Well, at 12:30 today, right when I was leaving for lunch, our kindergarten “coordinator” (by “coordinator” I believe they have mistranslated her title and meant “hinderer”, but I’m not sure) comes up to me and says, “The art is not appropriate today, so can you think of something else and I will get the supplies.”

To which Jodi-Teacher replies, “Not appropriate, how?” (thinking, are we painting nudes or what?)

“They are snow pictures.”

Now, all I can think is this: We have already done igloos. Before October. And the song I am supposed to be teaching the monkeys is “Ten Little Witches” (which I am refusing to do). And she is telling me that the art is “inappropriate” for November. I’m wondering why the fuck she suddenly cares. But I don’t say any of that, I say “Jenny, it is 12:30 and I’m on lunch. You are asking me to think up an art when art is less than an hour away?”

She says, “Too short of notice?” (aside: I am correcting her English as I go. My monkeys, when feeling as though the room is a tad stuffy and they are overly warm say “Me hot”, have better English skills than she does most of the time.)

I say, “Much too short.” and she suggests that I do Science today and Art tomorrow. Which I could do. So I ask her if Art will be ready for tomorrow then. She tells me that as soon as I tell her what I want for supplies for tomorrow she will get them. Sigh.

“Jenny, you are aware that I work until 7:30 tonight, right? And after that you would like me to go home and look up art projects? You do realize that I haven’t been a kindergarten teacher for 10 years and have art ideas falling out of my ears, right? You do realize that I have been bringing work home every night this week, right?”

She says: “So you don’t want to plan art at home tonight?”

Fucking genius. Yes, that is what I am saying. Yes. Exactly that. Thank you. But I can’t argue any more (I want to eat my damned lunch) so I tell her I will think of something. And I decide during my lunch that I will just do Science today AND tomorrow. Hey, the monkeys love doing Science anyway.

But then the best part happened.

Apparently, Amelia-Teacher ALSO was a little… shall we say “short” with Jenny when the Art fiasco was mentioned. So short that she made Jenny cry. Oopsies. So at the end of lunch I was in Amelia’s room with her having chats about the situation. And finally, we decide to take a gander at this “inappropriate” art and see how bad it was. Guess what they had to make… no really. Guess what was so “winter themed” that we couldn’t do it in November.

Windmills. The art was making windmills. Jenny fucked up… it was the 7 year olds (I have 6 year olds, as does Amelia) who were doing winter art. Worse, Amelia and I decide we will just go ahead and make the windmills, but we’ll see if the supplies (origami paper and y-pins) are available first. Worse again, the front desk teachers had the supplies out and ready. Meaning – they thought all along that is what we were doing. AURGH!

If this was one incident in a thousand, it wouldn’t be a big deal. But this was the poop icing on a turd cake this week. It is starting to make me a wee bit bugshit (or, more bugshit depending on how well you know me). I wasn’t going to drink at all this weekend, but I might have to so I can forget that this week every freaking happened.

This was a long one, and if I lost you somewhere in there, sorry about that. But man, it feels good to rant when you can pretend that other people are going to read it. Hope your work week is going better than mine…

Original Comments:

careybatgirl wrote (on 10/11/05):
you left out one thing
did you end up doing your art project?

dirtyaurghpants wrote (on 10/11/05):
yup. and the little monkeys kicked ASS making windmills.

and-errhea wrote (11/11/05):

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