>Shout out to Mike and my Moms


HOORAY! I’ve finally gotten mail! I don’t feel like such an unloved knob.

First, thanks to Mike who was kind-hearted enough to send me a copy of the expansion pack for the Sims. I’m on top of wasting some time with that. I just hope he remembers (ahem) to send along Civ4, because I am going APE FUCKING SHIT waiting for it.

And thanks to my Moms for sending along such a nice card. For no reason except she is a mom and does cool things like that. I miss you too, and your card made me smile.

For the rest of you wankers (Stu, I’m specifically referring to you and the fact that you have all my effing Gameboy Games), I know it has been a while since you’ve seen my addy in Korea, so I’m posting it again for ya:


6 FL. GARAM B/D 1084-14

Not that I’m expecting anything (EXCEPT MY EFFING GAMES, STUART). You could send me a note with your address on it. That way, I get mail and look cool… and I will send you something back. Probably. Just share the love people. Share the love.

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