Palace it up

>This weekend turned out pretty good overall. On Friday after work we all were treated to dinner… and it was a treat. We went to a place called “St.Paul’s”, and I had a great steak, great wine, and great coffee. After dinner we went to the Beer Cabin.

So much for the doctor telling me to get some “rest” and to “not” drink. Stupid doctor. I wanted to stop being sick, not start being boring.

After the Beer Cabin we went to the Nori Bong. Not sure of the spelling of that. “Bong” just means “room” in Korean, and Nori means Karaoke Sweetness! Whoo!!

There was a wee bit of drinking, some singing, and some not-getting-home-until-five-am. I’m such a dumbass. Somewhere between Vancouver and Seoul my off-switch broke. I have no idea when to go home if they don’t ever close the bars. It is a weird phenom that should be seriously studied. How is it that my concept of time is dependent on the operating hours of a drinking establishment? Discuss.

I was much better behaved on Saturday. After four short hours of sleep (sigh), I went with Andrea-teacher to the Coex Mall to get my hair cut. We poked around the mall until we got sick of Koreans stepping right in front of where we were walking and headed back on the subway. I’m still retardedly excited about the subway… it is like a Skytrain, but in the ground. What will these crazy monkeys dream up next? I got home around six and was in bed by eight. Slept for 15 hours. It was the greatest thing.

On Sunday I planned to meet Alyssa (from “the other school”) at McDonald’s to travel into Seoul to see the Changdeokgung Palace (again) in all its fall foliage glory. While I was there getting my Big Mac Set (they don’t say combo), I ran into Lorraine (from the “other, other school”), who was just wandering about and considering going into Seoul alone. I invited her along and we headed to the palace to meet Aaron. Well, Changdeokgung was crawling with Koreans (SOMETHING must have been going on) and there was a huge lineup to get in. So we decided eff that, and headed to the primary palace, the Gyongbok Palace. We even lucked out and saw the changing of the guards. I took some pictures of it for you guys. The building that is standing in the water is the same building that is pictured on the back of the 10,000 won bill.

After that, headed home early and chilled out. I’ve finally figured out how to download TV, and have been working through Season 16 (last season) of the Simpsons. I just watched the first episode of the new season, which was cool and not-cool at the same time. The show was good, but this is the first season in a long time that I haven’t watched it with Mike. Which made me miss Mike. Watching 24 in January without Mike and/or Stu is also going to be weird. But I’m still going to do it and be happy doing it… 24 rules. If you don’t watch 24 and you are reading this: stop sucking and go rent season one. Now.

Oh wait… head over to first and check out the palace.

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