>Blogomatic 6000

>I’m a blog machine. I’ve had things to tell everyone, but I’m a lazy asshole. Now, super-blog. And then no blog. And super-blog again. Maybe. Anyhoo…

Last weekend I went into Seoul a couple of times. We take the bus in, and… here is the cool thing. It is only a $1.50 to ride the bus for an hour. And it is a nice bus, like a Greyhound. (Okay, okay… the Greyhound isn’t exactly NICE, but it kicks a city-bus’ ass. Seriously. If a Greyhound bus and a city bus were in the ring, the Greyhound bus would slaughter the city bus in the first round). From where I live in Suji to Seoul is about an hour (so from about Langley into downtown Vancouver) and it is STILL only a buck fiddy. Sweet!

This last time I was at the market with Aaron-Teacher, we saw a Korean celeb. ‘Course, we didn’t know it, so we weren’t nearly excited about it as the Koreans were (and they were freakin’ excited, I tells ya). Turns out his name is Andre Kim and he is a famous fashion designer here in Korea. Who knew? I thought he was an ugly mother-effer, but that’s just me. Creepy, if nothing else. I’ve added a picture so you can decide for yourselves.

Speaking of pictures, I will get new apartment pics up soon. Haven’t forgotten, just… you know. Busy. Also, no details yet, but I do have a flight booked to Thailand for Christmas. YES YES YES!!! I’m going to beach it up for an entire week. Sweet!

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