Free to good home: contacts, case, and glasses

>Yesterday I went with Veronica to see an eye doctor in Seoul that speaks English pretty well. Eye exams, glasses and contact lenses are supposed to be really cheap here, so I thought I would get my prescription updated. As well, Andrea had corrective surgery with this guy and I thought I would ask about doing that. Most of the morning was pretty standard – no scary or weird procedures. I had to see two doctors though, because of my interest in the surgery. Good news: I’m a perfect candidate for it. So they have me talk to the receptionist to book a time. I let her know that I can only come in on Saturdays. So she whips out a calendar so we can pick the day. She has the calendar on September, so I explain that she has to turn to October because the only Saturday left in September is… well… TODAY. She says “You want today?”. So I said yes.


Would you like to know the number one reason to make sure that your doctor can speak English when you are asking him to cut open your eye and cook it with a laser? So he can understand you when you say “I can FEEL that!!!” The second eye… the second eye I could feel what he was doing. Not cool. He stopped right away though and refroze the eye (drops, not a needle).

Although I hope I never have to do anything like that again, I am so happy that I’ve done it. Hooray!

Here is the last picture of me (hopefully!) with glasses on….

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Frances wrote (on 26/09/05):
Yikes! I will have many questions for you tomorrow.

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