>I’m thankful for a long weekend


This weekend was Chuseok in Korea, so we had a long weekend. Thank goodness. And you would think I would be relaxed enough to do a blog sometime this weekend, but I have been feeling delightfully lazy. But the original Police Academy movie just came on TV, and if Steve Guttenburg can’t inspire me to write a blog entry, then there is something wrong with the world.


Friday during the day was CRAZY. All the kids were dressed up in their traditional outfits called “hanboks“. They were super-cute. Monstrously bad, but cute. There was also a birthday party on Friday for Amy, and it was mayhem. I’m going to post pictures for your viewing pleasure on Flikr.

I said I was not going out Friday night, and I did not. I’m insanely proud of myself.


I went into Seoul with Veronica on Saturday. We had our hair done at an Aveda salon and it was great. JT did a great job (and he spoke English – definitely a bonus) and I’m happy with it. I still think I want to cut it all off, but I’m trying to wait until Erin can get here from Japan… I think I promised her the chop. After hair we went for a wonderful dinner in a restaurant that made me feel like I was nowhere near Korea. It was great! Thanks, Veronica!


Went to “Everland” today. Everland is Korea’s major theme park and it is FUN! I went with Laura, Frances and Orla. They were great to go there with because all of us like to scream on rides even if it isn’t all that scary. And we all did. There was much yelling. It was fun.

The best part was that (oh moms… you would have loved this!) it is “Halloween Festival” for all of September and October. The ENTIRE theme park was decorated for Halloween! It was CRAZY! Again, there will be pictures on Flikr for you to check out. It was one of the greatest days I have had in Korea. I hope to go there again – it wasn’t very expensive considering how much fun we had!


Laid around like a lump. Watched Police Academy. Weird side note: Kim Cattrall (of Sex in the City fame) is Cadet Karen Thompson in the movie. Weird.

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