>To avoid swallon


Sometimes the best part of being here is the weird-ass shite you can find. I bought a new alarm clock today. Yes, Moms, I had one. But I did NOT have one shaped like a blender. Which this one is. I will get a picture posted soon. But the instructions are in Korean (I know, I know… you would think I would figure out that every-fucking-thing is in Korean) so I go to their website (www.homade-product.com, if you are interested) to see if I can find the instructions in English (or at least translate them).

The company’s slogan is: We Make Time Taste Funny.

You sure do! HA HA HA!! The other great thing is that the only English on the instruction manual is the cautions they give. I repeat them here for your giggly enjoyment:

  • Please do not place the timer onto fire to avoid explosion.
  • To avoid swallon of removable battery plate, do not allow children to reach the timer.

I hope I remember their words of wisdom.

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