Moving… again


First, I would like to say that there was an entry for the last entry. But STUPID… okay look. The internet lost it. And I’m not retyping it. Because I am a lazy asshole.

Last night Veronica very gratiously invited us over to her house for wine and cheese (you know it is a bad situation when everyone was more excited about the damned cheese). And Veronica is leaving. And her place is much, much (no… MUCH) nicer than mine. So I asked today at work if I could move over there. That is affirmative, big buddy. So I’m moving in two weeks. Again. Bye-bye, ants.

Today the greatest thing happened. They opened a new restaurant two minutes from work. Not even two minutes. Two minutes includes the elevator ride. “New York Hot Dogs” (insert sound of glorious choir here). HOT FUCKING DOGS!! HOORAY! It was packed with whities today, let me tell you. I have finally learned where I can find white boys in Korea. Eating hotdogs. I took a picture of the opening because Korean’s have style for store openings. Please note that there are go-go dancers. And, and… this may be the greatest thing. They were playing a REMAKE of “Ice Ice Baby”. Not the original, but a remake. How can you not LOVE this country?

I went there twice today. I think it may be the greatest thing since the $2 pint.

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