You ARE just saying that to scare me… right?


Here is today’s rumour amongst the kids – that there is a typhoon hitting the west coast of Korea (yup Moms, I’m on the west coast) tomorrow. I don’t know if it is bullshit or not. Apparently China is getting really bad weather, and it was windy as a mother-effer here today (although, not as windy as it gets in Kamloops) (although there aren’t as many buildings in Kamloops to block the wind as there is here). For now I will bring my umbrella tomorrow and let you all know. Hopefully it is really bad and the power goes out and we can all go home. Hopefully the power does not go out while I am at physio and I get trapped in the Coffin of Sand. What a lame and ironic way to die.

Speaking of the Coffin, I’m still going to physio, and will talk to the doctor this Saturday. Also, I will be getting more xrays that day so hopefully I can do a full update. My back is sore today, but I blame Andrea and her bloody Tae-Bo that we did yesterday. I HATE Billy Banks. Ass. This last time we did it, we started talking back to the video. Billy (if you don’t know, he is the retard that leads on the video) (if you don’t know what Tae-Bo is: good on you)… anyway, Billy says “Okay, so when you do squats your stomach should be connected to your knees”, and Frances says “What the hell… my STOMACH should be connected to my KNEES?!?” (She hates him too, I think). I pipe up and remind her that Billy Banks is an ACTOR not a DOCTOR. It is fun because we all suck and all hate him and laugh a lot.

I bought a fish today. I figure if there is to be a typhoon, I may get trapped in my apartment and need an alternative water source (I’m always thinking, Moms). So now I have the fish bowl of water. I named him 참치 which is “Chamchi” or “Tuna” for you English-speaking folks. He likes me. He is blue. His rocks are yellow. I thought I killed Chamchi on the way home (too much wiggling) because he wouldn’t get the hell up off the bottom of his cup. But now he is in my bowl-of-alternative-water-source-in-case-of-typhoon and swimming his wee fish ass off. Go Chamchi!

Julie emailed today and brought up a good point. She said that I have mentioned drinking (a lot) of Korean beer, but not if it is good or not. Thank you, Jules. Excellent question. It is pretty good. Not great, but pretty good. On par with a Molson, Coors, etc. And for $2 a pint, after 6 or 7 you what the hell the effing beer tastes like. JUST BRING ME MORE BEER FOR TWO DOLLARS. DO EET. I still haven’t tried pure Soju, but I will let you know what that is like when I taste it (if it doesn’t kill me).

The water-fixer-guy is coming tomorrow. At 7:00am. Assholes. That is what I wanted to do in the middle of the week on the longest possible day (work until 7:30pm) – get up EVEN EARLIER. Rock on.

Original Comments:

Erin wrote (on 07/09/05):
  1. Yes there’s a typhoon coming
  2. School might be cancelled (mine never is)
  3. Don’t climb on your roof during the typhoon to fix an errant roof tile and don’t bother trying to catch the train home because they won’t be running
  4. Have a beer and listen to the rain

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