My doggie doesn’t understand you

I was walking home this evening with water (finally!) and on the way this wee white dog came barking up to me. I wasn’t concerned by the dog’s sudden and violent approach – it was so small that it would have been hard-pressed to get its little mouth around a finger, let alone my ankle. But the owners were courteous and quickly called the dog back to them. In Korean.

Although it makes PERFECT SENSE that they would give the dog commands in Korean (as we are in Korea), it still sounded weird. I guess I was living under the assumption that dogs spoke English. Which brings me to my new point.

I was thinking that it would be funny (at this point, in my head, I can hear my moms saying “only you would find that funny…”) if I got a dog here and trained him in Korean. Then I would bring him home and people would be like, “awesome dog, does he know any tricks” and I would say that he knows lots of tricks. So they would say “Roll over…. roll over… play dead… shake a paw… sit…. sit…. sit… HEY! I thought your dog knows tricks but he can’t do anything. Your dog sucks.” And I would explain that he can’t speak English. I don’t know why this is funny to me, but it is. Having to yell Korean commands to my dog and living in Vancouver.

Now I’m thinking this: I wonder if all dogs, regardless of what country they are born in, speak dog. And whatever language we train them in is their second language.

Dogs are cool.

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careybatgirl wrote (on 04/09/05):Deep thoughts… by Jodi-Teacher

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