I love commercials in Korea. They are great! Everything is very exciting, and guaranteed to bring you and your family much happiness. I’ve seen a lot of funny commercials here, but none as funny as the one I JUST saw… the one that is making me write about it. Making me. There is no way I could NOT comment on this one.

A farting doll.


No… seriously. A farting doll. Now, keep in mind that the commercial is entirely in Korean, but it is for little kids and pretty simple to follow so that said kid can beg their mom to buy them this farting fucking doll so I think I understand what is going on. And what is going on? Farting. At the start of the commercial you hear a fart and dad gets blamed for it. But is it dad? Ha ha.. no! It is my new FARTING DOLL.

Here is the funniest thing (other than they keep making fart noises and animating clouds of noxious gas coming from the doll’s farty ass) – the doll comes with food and the different foods make the farts smell different (from what I can tell). The kid “fed” the doll a strawberry and the animated fart clouds turned pink and had strawberries in it. Now, that’s cool. What scares me is that one of the “foods” that comes with the doll is an egg.

Right on. That’s what I want – a doll capable of blowing egg farts. It is a damned shame it doesn’t come with beer too – beer and egg farts from the rubber ass of a farting doll. Excellent.

I heart the commercials. HEART them.

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