>U-turn country


Now I need to start this by saying that I don’t think Korean drivers are necessarily worse than any other drivers. In fact, I know a Canadian driver who has a spotted driving past (ie: backing up into the stationary apartment building next door not once… but twice. You know who you are) but things here are just different.

Like the U-Turn.

If you make a u-turn at home, you are pretty much saying that you got turned around at some point and have to go back. Here, you have no choice sometimes… you have to do it to get to where you are going. But it still looks hilarious when 5 cars all pull a “u-ee” at a light.

Speaking of the traffic lights… they seem to be more of a suggestion here than an actual representation of how you are supposed to maneuver your car. There have been a lot of people going through red lights. No – a LOT. It is crazy. You have to be careful when you cross the street outside my place because of this. Today a dozen cars went through the intersection after it was red. Very careful.

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