So I’m not really in Seoul… I’m in Suji. Suji is sort of a suburb of Seoul and its own city at the same time. Not the way Burnaby is a city on its own though… it is different. And the weirdest thing is that cab drivers in Seoul don’t know where Suji is (a bad scene if you are trying to get home drunk… imagine having your cab stop to ask another cabbie how to get you home and YOU don’t know where the fuck home is…). This area is really new and most of the buildings are less than 25 years old. It is also a very affluent neighbourhood so it is pretty clean too. However, the smog is the shits. These pictures of the buildings and the sky were taken today around 5pm, so it was still daylight.

I took the picture of the guy farming because he is doing that right down town. I took that picture standing beside a 6 lane expressway (that I have to cross – with a streetlight safely mom, I promise – every day to go to work). There are little vegetable gardens like that all over the place. It is really wierd and kind of cool at the same time. That is one thing I will give Korea, they are using their space well. They garden wherever they can and they build vertically instead of horizontally.

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