>Changdeok Palace


Today was a very Korean day. Went to Changdeok Palace, which was very cool. For 3000 won (approx $3), you get a guided tour that took just over an hour. I went with Orla and Joe, and it was a lot of fun. Mom, you will be happy to know that Orla forced me to be in some of the pictures. I will upload said pictures as soon as I have the computer. In the meantime, this is what it says on the back of my ticket:

In 1405, the Changdeok Palace was built by King Taejon of the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) as the second palace of the dynasty, the main one being Gyeongbok Palace. However, both of the palaces were burnt to the ground during the Japanese invasion of 1592. After the war, the Changdeok Palace was quickly rebuilt during 1607-1610, while the Gyeongbok Palace remained in ruins until 1865, when reconstruction work began. Thereafter, the Changdeok Palace served as the main palace fo the dynasty until 1868, when the restoration of Gyeongbok Palace was finally completed. In view of the topography of its site, Changdeok Palace is regarded as a fine example of Korean architecture, keeping a balance between the natural and the built environment. The World Heritage Commiteee inscribed the Changdeok Palace on the World Heritage List in 1997.

Very cool – it is the last home of the last Korean dynasty. The royalty lived there until 1989. It was very cool for me, as nothing in BC is nearly that old. The bus ride was fun, and I’m so happy that Orla and Joe were there to help out. Once we got back to Suji, we chilled out for a bit and went for dinner. Koreans do dinner right, my friends. You sit on the floor and cook the food right at the table. It was very, very yummy. Dinner for three and four bottles of beer came to 40,000 won (approx $40). I think Korea could really start to grow on me. Now I’m just trying to figure out what the hell the electricity converter says on it so I can plug some shit in at home. Let you know if I’m successful.

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