Ah, Korea… you muggy monkey armpit

Well, I have arrived in Korea and all is well. Andrea wanted me to email with my first impression of Korea… but I thought I would post it here so everyone can read it. Have you ever gone to have a shower immediately after someone else just showered, and they took the HOTTEST shower on the planet? That muggy-ass bathroom is what it felt like when I stepped out of the airport. Muggy, muggy, muggy. My clothes were soaked before I could even start sweating. Good thing everywhere has air conditioning.

The drive from the airport to the school was pretty dull, actually. We sort of skirted around Seoul as we drove from Incheon to Suji. The traffic was a bitch – it took 2 hours to make the drive. Lame. I was crashing hard, and trying to stay awake to look around at the same time. I was taken to the school first, and the Director and administrators took me out for dinner. We had Vietnamese food. Seriously. How weird. It’s a new restaurant in the area though and apparently they really dig it. Then they took me to my temp apartment. The one I will get is not vacated yet. The one I have right now is huge, but I don’t get to keep it. The next one will be a shoe box. Don’t worry, as soon as I have my computer hooked up to the internet I will get you guys some pictures to laugh at. The one I am in now is not furnished. There is nothing (no chairs, no fridge, no stove no a/c…. nothing) but my “bed” (which is a roll-away cot). The bed is approximately as comfortable as sleeping on a comforter you’ve thrown on the floor. Not even a foamy mind you… just a blanket. Hard as a freaking rock.

Mike, you asked me to take pictures of funny signs and stuff. I don’t have a picture for you yet, but I do live next door to “Pizza Cok”. I grabbed dinner from there last night, and Pizza Cok makes good pizza. I had to take a picture of what my $12 bought… the pizza box was wrapped in a red ribbon and there was a 100\ coin taped to the box. I also got a Coke, two little things of pickles (not good pickles like my mom’s, but sweet pickles), hot sauce and parmesan cheese. I got a small “potato pizza”. They have normal pizza, but I was told the potato pizza was good so I thought I would try it. Just what it sounds like, boys and girls – pizza with a hunk of potato on each piece. And it is GOOD.

Lies about Korea: That there is no chocolate or coffee (there is both, thank god)

Funniest thing found in Korea (other than Pizza Cok): Hello Kitty tampons. At the corner store.

Right now the coolest thing is that the people at the school (bosses and co-workers) seem really cool and very nice. The school is also very nice and well-equipped (and the a/c is on – hooray!) . The kids are amazing – very cute, very smart (smarter than me, at least) and really cuddly. I think it is going to be a lot of fun.

As soon as I get pictures uploaded (like the one of the Batman Bar – sweet!) I will post them for your viewin’ pleasure. Hopefully I’ll get to do that as soon as I am out of the temporary apartment.

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Erin wrote (on 20/08/05):


Don’t worry my dear, it’s equally nasty in Japan. I’ve now learned that fans are not and affectation they are a nessessity! It’s odd dreading summer but I promise that Aug is the worst… fall is fantastic! Promise. Oh and 歓迎 to Asia! it’s nice to have you here!

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