Monthly Archives: July 2005

20 days… 12 work days


I am almost out of here, and I still haven’t decided if I’m excited, nervous or scared shitless. Bit of all three, I suppose. I’m happy that there is going to be change, but wondering if I’ve made the right change. Guess I’ll find out in less than three weeks now. I’ve been taking pictures of Vancouver, and as soon as I stop being a lazy asshole when I get home in the evenings I’m going to upload them here. In the meantime, I’ll probably keep updating the blog from the office because I don’t feel like working. At. All.

Still two hours until lunch.

Thus endeth the car saga


The car has sold. Thank you so much to NONE of you who didn’t buy my car.

Seriously, it is a huge relief. One more thing off my plate before I move to Korea next month. I still have a few things to take care of, but they are minor things compared to that one.

The car saga


The good news is that the car might be sold. Hopefully. I’m not getting excited until the damned thing is paid for and out of my hands

Only 5 weeks left to wrap everything up…