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>Buy My Car!

>Or, think of someone who would like to buy this sweet-ass piece of machine. Here’s the lowdown:

2004 Honda Civic

4dr GX, Only one owner who has made more than 18 payments for you on this like-new car, 5 pass, dark grey interior, black exterior, 4 cylinder, automatic, A/C, anti-theft, CD player, keyless entry, under 12,000km!

Only $18,500 or make me an offer!

>Ah, Working


What can one do at work when one doesn’t feel like working? Right – goof off on the internet. Excellent. I’m not suggesting you do this if you really, really like your job, or if you don’t want to get caught screwing around when you should be working. I should be working. I am not. Because I don’t want to and this morning is about me, dangnabit.
Original Comments:
jeanine wrote (on 24/05/05):
i’m emailing this to your boss!!!!!
Karie wrote (on 29/05/05):
Hey, get back to work.